Sebastien Chaigneau answers the digital meeting’s questions

The french runner answers the questions that our readers sent him about training, feeding, motivation, competition… and many more

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El corredor francés Sebastien Chaigneau posando en la isla canaria de La Palma
El corredor francés Sebastien Chaigneau posando en la isla canaria de La Palma

As Killian won’t be able to attend the UTMB this year, have your winning expectations increase?
In fact there are many very good runners and I find it unfortunate that kilian is not here because it is so loud that it calms some. Now must be near to that day was the time remaining is the preparation time before the end of August and should arrive just fine, on the start line…

Hi! Two questions: – do you run often on falt ground? And, – do you make typical series on track? (Nacho)
I make training on the flat but I prefer the training and mountain running harder because otherwise I get bored. But I know I have to work for a flat to be as effective in the mountains so I’m training on fast sections.

See you in Lavaredo Ultra Trail next Friday: Which one do you think is more difficult, Dolomites or UTMB? Why? Tite.
I think the party has Lavaredo more technical than the UTMB malgrés but everything on the tour of Mont Blanc there is the concatenation to achieve. It is not easy on the tour of Mont Blanc is also the conditions and there are many areas to run. We’ll see I have to take the competitions one after another.

Is there any good technique to make ascents? Is there a way to run them easily and any effective technique?
There is already an important thing is to take its own pace and not caring for others not to climb too fast. To do this we must focus on the poses and feet on the ground and on the fact of running here and now without that project onto what’s left to do …

Hi Sebastien, my question: I’m new to the trail running, I was wondering if you have any training or exercise to strengthen your lower back. Thanks and regards. Juan Campos )
Yes of course I personally work all winter specific muscle strengthening and sheathing to have no worries or as little as possible during the rest of my season. stresses the back and abdominal muscles are very important and very often we do not work or not. Then throughout the year just to work by two to three sessions per week.

Hi Seb, any small tips to train the downs of UTMB and reach Chamonix with your thighs intact ?Thank you! (Rober Sanz)
Again there are many alternatives to work on ascents and descents have rehearsed and accumulate a lot of elevation over short periods. Then there is the possibility of mini courses shock again in the mountains or you will make a maximum of deliverer and make out not too long but in the morning and evening for 3 or 4 days.

What was the toughest race in which you have competed and why? (Merce)
I think the hardest race I will make the big raid mercantour because there were just 100 km and 7000 +. This was my first ultra before the diagonal of Fools in 2005 and I remember being at the end of me over the last 20 kilometers.

 What would you change in the world of trail running? Seb Allez! (Ertxi)
I do not know because we are at the beginning of the evolution of the sport. But there is one thing that I would not change its mind because the people doing the trail are people who have the good spirit. I also think that this sport should be recognized as a real sport and not as a game .

Nowadays, having a personal challenge, as Kilian’s Quest is very in. Have you thought of doing something like that? What do you think of such challenges? Regards, Champion! (Sono)
Yes I have a project but do not record it will be more on the discovery and protection of the environment. Now I’m 40 and I think to keep this project is when I’m old … JAJA …

How do you take care of food? Does it change much in a week where you have competition? Chaigneau Great! Greetings from Galicia! (Anxo)
As for food I think we should keep the habits we have and make sure not to eat too much fat and plant life the last days. There is the notion of pleasure is very important in a sport that is already very hard …


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